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Wiki upgrades

The holiday season is upon us and so a new release with shiny new features is not good enough. In the holiday spirit of giving, you get two for one, only today and only at our place. That's right, Santa is in town and you were all very good boys and girls.

Since our good friends at SourceForge have decided to grant us access to newer servers, we can finally offer you the enhanced experience that is MediaWiki 1.13. Up until now, we were working with a very old release of MediaWiki that was released about two years ago. The new version has a lot of cool new features that we haven't even began to explore.

Please let us know if there are any problems with the website or if you know any useful features we are not using and could be implemented with the new version.

Happy holidays!

Posted by Amir Szekely 2008-12-20