#527 NSIS 2.21 with Modern UI freezes a Win2K computer totally

Amir Szekely
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I upgraded to the new NSIS 2.21 installation compiler.

I have an installation script that uses Modern UI,
after compiling the install.exe installs without any
problems under Windows XP, but freezes the whole
computer, if it will be installed under Windows 2000 SP4.

In former versions, NSIS 2.16 it installed without any
problems under Win2k and Windows XP.

My question is, what has been added, changed, that
compiled installation scripts, that use ModernUI,
doesn't work under Win2k anymore ??

Michael Kuelshammer


  • Amir Szekely
    Amir Szekely

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  • Amir Szekely
    Amir Szekely

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    Nothing was added that shouldn't work on any version of Windows.

    Many details are missing from your bug report. Please attach
    a complete script that can reproduce this problem and
    include more details about this freeze. Does anything show
    in the Event Log? What programs are you running in the
    background? Did you test this on more than on W2K computer?

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    Sorry for opening a new thread, but I went to another
    computer, looked at the bug tracker and the thread has
    disappeared, so I thought, that only bug reports from
    registered user will be listed and someone has deleted my
    former thread.

    You can take any of the scripts that were installed with
    NSIS, for example NSIS\Examples\Modern UI\MultiLanguage.nsi
    or any other script from the Modern UI folder.

    We are working on a German operating system. We have
    Symantec Antivirus installed, but I have also
    tried to start the compiled scripts, with Symantec Antivirus
    We are a surveying company, in all our trucks Win2k
    computers are installed. In our home offices there are
    Windows XP computers installed, there isn't any problem,
    when installing the compiled scripts.

    No, you can't look in any event log, because if you double
    click on any compiled nsis script then in that moment Win2k
    is freezing. You can only do a hardware reset.
    Ctrl-Alt-Delete and then try to end the process doesn't work
    anymore. You can't open any explorer window.

    It is freezing, before any of the installation dialogs
    appears on the screen. Just when you double click on the
    installation exe the operating system is freezing.

    Very strange thing, we tested on several computers on the
    trucks of our company.

    Try to find out, if there are other programs in the
    background, that could be the cause for this problem.

    Michael Kuelshammer

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  • Amir Szekely
    Amir Szekely

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    Does anything special show in the event log after you
    reboot? How long have you tried waiting for it to unfreeze?
    Do all of your company's computers have the same hardware,
    drivers and software installed? Can you attach a list of
    running processes, using Hijack This

    I have to say it sounds like a hardware or driver problem to
    me. Completely freezing the computer is not something you
    should be able to do in user mode. Does it happen with any
    other programs? What about other installers? Have you tried
    older versions of NSIS installers, like 1.98

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    If you have administrator rights and you are logged on local
    to the machine, then script installation is working.

    But our survey technician don't know how to log on the
    computer with administrator rights, and I have made the
    installation scripts very easy, we only install once in the
    office with administrator rights, then the next
    installations our technicians do only with user rights.

    Installation with user rights freeze the computer.

    Installation with administrator rights, and logged on our
    domain server in the office, it freezes also.

    But in former version of nsis it was no problem, to install
    with user rights, or without it.

    That's the problem.

    Michael Kuelshammer

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    Former versions of NSIS have another problem, on american or
    chinese operating systems on Windows XP we had always a
    crash of the installation progress crashes in the end.

    After I have installed the newest NSIS version crashing

    No I have not further analyzed the computer and all the
    programs that are installed.
    Our truck computers only have a minimum software installed,
    only Antivirus, office programs, nothing special.

    It would be nice, if one could download older versions of
    nsis. I have made the mistake to delete the older setups of

    Event log doesn't give any informations at all.


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    Sorry, there is a history of older setups for nsis, will try
    to recompile our installations with version 2.16 of nsis.

    This could last a little bit, so please wait.

    Our company homepage: www.socon.com , only for information

    Michael Kuelshammer

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    That's really funny, another installshield installation exe
    is also freezing, made from another programmer here in our

    And the compiled scripts exe with nsis 2.16 are also
    freezing the computer.

    Yes, now it makes sense, that it really sounds like a driver
    problem or like a problem with a service or a program that
    runs in the background, I believe that it could be Symantec
    Norton Antivirus is causing the problems. I knew that our
    administrator has upgraded to a newer version.

    So we must analyze our computers first.

    Thx for your help,

  • Amir Szekely
    Amir Szekely

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  • Amir Szekely
    Amir Szekely

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    Just in case, I've installed Windows 2000 SP4 and tested
    nsis-2.21-setup.exe. There were no crashes or freezes. So it
    might be Norton after all. It makes sense it'd treat
    installers differently and try to figure out what's inside them.

    Let me know what was the solution when you solve this
    problem. Especially if it's something with NSIS after all.

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    Installshield setups are working in user mode, not freezing
    the computer.

    But NSIS freezes the computer.

    Don't know what to do.


  • Amir Szekely
    Amir Szekely

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    Didn't you just say it froze as well? What about
    uninstalling Norton and testing? What about a list of
    running programs? I can't help without any details or at
    least a way to reproduce it.

    The best I can offer for the current situation is that you
    recompile NSIS with some message boxes for debugging
    purposes that'd help you tell exactly where it freezes. My
    guess is that one message box at the very top of WinMain
    will do as it won't even get to it.