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A little documentation

I have been submitting short articles under the documentation tab, and will continue to do so until I can get a full project site together. So let me know if there is something in particular you would like explained...

- Jeremy

Posted by Jeremy Cowles 2007-03-28

Alpha 1 Available

The Good
Here it is, Alpha 1, dings-and-dents edition.

The Bad
I actually finished the alpha 1 code about 2 months ago, I just didn't want to release it without documentation and a walk through. However, school, work and planning a wedding are dominating my life, so I figured something is better than nothing. Feel free e-mail me if you have any questions, ideas or if you write a cool script you want added.... read more

Posted by Jeremy Cowles 2007-03-26

Finals vs. Alpha

Finals are this week, so I hope next weekend (12/9) will bring enough spare time to finish the alpha release of NSH. The main issue that needs to be addressed before alpha is the ability to add references into scripts. Currently, the only objects available in scripts are the most common System.XXX namespaces. I would like to give the developer the ability of adding additional .NET references, or references to custom assemblies.... read more

Posted by Jeremy Cowles 2006-12-04

.NET Shell Project Created

The .NET Shell (NSH) project has been created on Source Forge! I'm working feverously on an official alpha release, so if you've stumbled across the project, please be patient and come back soon!

- Jeremy

Posted by Jeremy Cowles 2006-10-17