ASCII checkbox helper

Martin Key
  • Martin Key
    Martin Key

    This little script is for using checkboxes in ASCII files.

    If you don't have a checkbox in the current line the script adds a " " at the current position. If you do have a checkbox it toggles its state.

    from Npp import *
    import string
    import sys
    # A simple helper script for using ASCII todo lists
    # The basic implementation knows 3 different states
    # [ ] To Do
    # [x] Done
    # [o] Currently not possible to do
    # The script is able to toggle between this states. If 
    # you want only two states or if you want more states
    # just edit the checkboxes string list.
    # If a line doesn't contain a checkbox the script
    # just inserts one at the current position.
    def nextElem(arr, curPos):
        if (curPos + 1 < len(arr)):
            return arr[curPos + 1]
            return arr[0]
    checkboxes = ['[ ]', '[x]', '[o]']
    curLine = editor.getCurLine()
    curPos = editor.getCurrentPos()
    curLineNr = editor.lineFromPosition(curPos)
    strippedLine = curLine.lstrip()
    insertChkBx = True
    for i in range(len(checkboxes)):
        elem = checkboxes[i]
        if strippedLine.startswith(elem):
            curLine = curLine.replace(elem, nextElem(checkboxes, i), 1).rstrip('\n')
            editor.replaceWholeLine(curLineNr, curLine)
            insertChkBx = False
        editor.addText('[ ] ')

    Code is under GPLv2. Have fun.