Dave W.


This project provides a set of Python scripts that allow client apps to automate Notepad++ using the excellent Python Script plugin and the Python SimpleXMLRPCServer modules. Demo apps in IronPython, C#, and now a "pure"-Python 2.7 console app - does not require .Net!


  • Automate Notepad++ from any app that can do XML-RPC (which means just about ANY app!)
  • XML-RPC server runs on a separate thread, so the GUI stays responsive.
  • Now includes a "pure"-Python 2.7 console demo app; no .Net required!
  • Demo apps operate in multi-instance mode, so you can have multiple Notepad++ windows open at once if desired
  • Demonstrates how to configure and call the Python Script XML-RPC interface from various languages
  • The .Net demo app, when running in USEPYTHON (IronPython) mode, uses the Python SimpleXMLRPCServer and JSON standard library modules - simple, reliable, time-tested
  • The C# side uses the excellent Cook Computing XML-RPC and Newtonsoft JSON.Net modules
  • Plans to add a ZeroMQ interface as well (future)

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you enjoy using the scripts and demo apps.