New UNICODE version 1.2 released

  • Jens Lorenz
    Jens Lorenz

    Hello Npp user,

    here is my new version of WindowManager:

    08/11/15  v1.2 :
        Fix: UNICODE support for Notepad++ 5.1
        New: Sorting by file type possible
        Fix: Hide tabbar feature was not usable in other versions than N++ 4.8.0

    Have fun

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jens !

      I was waiting for this new version since Notepad++ 5.1. This plugin is really usefull, Thanx !
      BTW, I noticed a bug : It crashes everytime I try to open a file with no extension (filename like "foobar").
      It's not that important (just change the filename to "foobar.txt") so it's just for your and Npp users information.


    • Kevin Nyman
      Kevin Nyman

      Hi Jens,

      Love this pluggin.  One problem I'm having - occasionally I click on an item in the Window Manager - if I hold down by accident or drag an item to or from the window manager it crashes notepadd++.

      Pretty frustrating if I have 20 files open.  If I get around to it I'll look through the source.  I figured I'd post this in the mean time.