• siranm

    it would be nice if you could also select the content between two tags....

    actually, ctrl-shift-B selects also the tags, and ctrl-b makes you jump from one tag to another

    so if you want to replace the content between tags, either you must type again the opening closing tags (because you overwrote them if you used ctrl-shift-b), or you must remember where the tags are (to select&replace text in between)

    anywayz, a lot of thanks for the plugin,


    • Hi siranm,

      That's actually a good idea, I've run into this situation as well.

      I don't fancy adding a whole nother set of keyboard shortcuts, but perhaps it could be feasible to check if the tags are already included in the selection.  If so, then shrink the selection so as to exclude the opening and closing tags.
      That way, pressing Ctrl+Shift+T once would select the element including tags, and pressing Ctrl+Shift+T a second time would just select the contents.

      I'll see what I can do.

      Don't count on anything just yet; I'm totally swamped in work until the middle of February at least.  And then I'll have to catch up on all regular stuff.  After that, I still want to make this plug-in play nice with HTML comments, and ASP/PHP tags.

      So, don't hold your breath...