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How about autoclose?

  • nOOB

    Autoclosing html tags would be nice, like NppInsertPlugin used to do in older npp releases.

    • You mean, like the TextFX plug-in and the XMLTools plug-in still do it?

      I didn't put that in, since I haven't got much time to spend on it (and, well, also because it's already there, in the abovementioned plug-ins), but I can add it to the to-do list if you want...


      • Dmitry Ossipov
        Dmitry Ossipov

        Now there are options called:
        - "Autoclose {([Brace"
        - "Autoclose XHTML/XML <Tag>"

        First one prints ending ])}
        so if I press { it automaticaly writes } and puts cursor between {}

        The second option writes the closing tag after you finish starting tag with >
        so if I write <div> it automatically writes </div>

        Is it possible to combine idea of textmate, where when you press < it is automatically closes with > . So that if I press < I will have cursor between <> where I can write my <div> tag.

        with idea of closing tags like in dreamweaver where when I press </ the last opened tag automatically closes?

        This option would be really neat, nice and would save hell of alot time ;))