Welcome to NppSearchInFiles

  • Welcome to NppSearchInFiles

    • jmg__

      Can I suggest you add a brief description of each plugin, (now there are more of them)
      that says what the differences are, and why one might use them.

      ie for example.

      How is NppSearchInFile different from the inbuilt search in files ?
      When would someone use LightExplorer, vs full Explorer ?

    • NppSearchInFiles (opened using ALT+Q) is different from the built in feature (CTRL+F) mainly in two characteristics:

      1.- you can stop the search at any time
      2.- the result of the search is updated before the complete search is over

      About the differences between Explorer and LightExplorer, the most important that I can think of are:

      1.- LightExplorer uses only one window to show folders and files, Explorer shows files in one window and the rest in other
      2.- LightExplorer shows the Network Neighborhood, Explorer don't