Version 1.10

  • A new version of the plugin has been released today.

    Among other things this are the changes:

    _ Remember input dialog position
    _ Retrieve current selected text from editor
    _ Changed the way combo string are stored
    _ Added icon to notepad++ toolbar
    _ Added icon to notepad++ plug-ins tabs
    _ The plug-in did not show at start
    _ Get rid of tabs
    _ Make the parameters window modaless
    _ Get rid of confirmation window on stopping search
    _ Added help dialog
    _ The browse for folder dialog opens from the current folder if this exists
    _ Fixed the whole word search
    _ Added custom message WM_PG_LAUNCH_SEARCHINFILESDLG to open Search In Files from other plugins or Npp
    _ Give focus to Npp with ESC or TAB keys

    Future features:

    _ Use regular expresions

    Have fun