Explorer 1.8.1 don't work with NPP 5.1.4

  • Igor Santos
    Igor Santos

    I've just downloaded the unicode version of this plugin... But it seems not work.
    When I try to open the explorer or the favorites plugin, they flash at the left side of the window, and they vanish.

    What's happening?
    Is it a bug or it's happening just with me?

    Oh, I tried to download the older version (1.8.0) but when I deziped it, it says it is 1.8.1, AGAIN x_X

    Please, help me, I can't survive without this plugin T___T

    • Jens Lorenz
      Jens Lorenz


      I installed on a clean system the new version 5.1.4 of Notepad++ and the Explorer 1.8.1. For me this combination is working properly.

      Best Regards


  • Anonymous

    To fix it try to remove config.xml
    I had same problem and that helped me