HexEditor v0.9 released

Hex Editor
  • Jens Lorenz
    Jens Lorenz

    Hello Notepad++ and HexEditor plugin user,

    I investigated a lot of time in this new release. I think you will like it.
    It's not tested with older version than 4.9.2.

    Here the link:

    Have fun with it

    Change-log for HexEditor.dll

    08/07/01  v0.9.0 :
        Fix: When using the "Replace All" while the replace-string is greater than the
             find-string, the function stops before it reaches the end of file
        Fix: The "Unicode string" option in the Search dialog shows plain ASCII texts
             only [NPP-P-B-1899671]
        Fix: Paste does nothing when clipboard was filled from outside [NPP-P-B-1807069]
        Fix: Resource leak by using the find/replace operation [NPP-P-B-1936857]
        Fix: Breaks Unicode "Cyrillic" input to the main window [NPP-P-B-1977701]
        Fix: Better shortcut support
        New: Highlight selected text when toggling between HEX mode and N++.
        New: Bookmarks !!!
        New: Simple Compare !!!
        New: User is able to customize the font
        New: User is able to customize a different set of colors
        New: Multi-language support implemented. NativeLang plug-in needed
        Change: Goto dialog supports now offsets
        Change: Goto dialog allows in hex mode to jump to every address
        Change: The user can customize now the "Address" width
        Change: Enhanced the graphical interface on selection

    • Vorenus

      Thanks. This version is a lot smoother than the last one. There's just two problems that I see:

      1. The font selection doesn't list "Deja Vu Sans Mono" but it does list "Deja Vu Sans Mono Oblique" which is frustrating.

      2. When ClearType Windows rendering is enabled, the text isn't rendered correctly when it's selected. (However it is rendered correctly when it's not selected.

    • Vorenus

      I just noticed another bug. When I change the font size to 8, the font size is stored as '0' in the ini files. Then when I close and re-open notepad++ the fontsize is tiny.

      • Jens Lorenz
        Jens Lorenz

        This is not a bug. The value '0' means an index to an array of Font sizes and '0' points to size 8. Here the array:

        #define G_FONTSIZE_MAX        10
        #define FONTSIZE_DEFAULT    6        // 16
        const UINT g_iFontSize[G_FONTSIZE_MAX] = {8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22};

        Best Regards

      • Jens Lorenz
        Jens Lorenz

        What I forget:
        You can test it also with zooming! CTRL+MouseWheel zooms in/out. Middle button reset it to default. Works also via Npp menu.


        • Vorenus

          Oh, ok. My bad - sorry.

          Thanks for explaining it.

    • The version information resource of the DLL contains version

    • Eric Chen
      Eric Chen

      Is this supported by Notepad++ 5.1 UNICODE version?

    • Lucas Martín
      Lucas Martín

      Good Job

      But '08/07/01 - HexEditor.dll  v0.9.0' is a ANSI plugin and Notepad++ 5.1 UNICODE version of your version of HexEditor??????


      Thank you very much for your work

    • Marcelo Costa
      Marcelo Costa

      Does anyone knows if there is a way to hexeditor works with the new Notepad++ version?

    • Jannik

      In my opinion, the HexEditor PlugIn is very good. I like it because I don't need an external program to view a hex-dump (I use this feature only sometimes.). The programer done a good job. :)

      But now we need a new version, because only this way exists to use the plusin with the new unicode version (N++ 5.1)

      I hope that Jens have actually time to work on it. =) (else, we have to wait a bit more... ^^)

      (sry for my not so good english :P)