I love you HexEditor

Hex Editor
  • roost9in

    I love this hex editor.  Notepad++ is already awesome.  This just makes it better!  Thank-you.

    • Some Dude
      Some Dude

      Me too.  Unfortunately, the update today (April 18, 08) removed it due to "incompatibility."

      Guess I'll be going back to my previous version.  I hadn't been running into any bugs or missing features that I needed, and I'd rather have an older N++ with HexEditor than a newer version of N++ without it.

      oh, well. 

    • Barry Guns
      Barry Guns

      I just auto-updated to latest N++ (4.8.5) and I noticed HexEditor was still missing. Too bad it seems it hasn't been maintained lately.
      Any ideas when we can have this cool plugin back in the N++ installation package?

    • Stefan M.
      Stefan M.

      I still use the Hex Editor Plugin with Notepad++ 4.8.5 and it works. Where is the "incompatibility"?

    • DV

      As far as I know, HexEditor (such as FunctionList and so on) still uses ANSI version of all functions whereas Notepad++ uses ANSI version of WindowProc for Windows 98/ME and Unicode version of WindowProc for Windows 2000 and higher. It means that Notepad++ under Windows 2000 and higher works with characters as with Unicode characters (i.e. wchar_t) whereas HexEditor always works with characters as with ANSI characters (i.e. char) because it does not have Unicode version of its functions inside. It means that HexEditor forces Notepad++ to work incorrectly with all non-latin characters because it processes these characters as CHARs (1 byte) whereas Notepad++ expects WCHARs (2 bytes) instead. However, it does not create a problem with latin characters because the low byte of Latin WCHAR character is the same as Latin CHAR character. It is not so for non-latin characters, however.