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Adam E
  • Adam E
    Adam E

    It appears to be a long time since HexEditor has been updated (according to the project's downloads listing on SourceForge)…

    Currently, I updated to Notepad++ v5.9.6.2 (Unicode) and after update it displayed that HexEditor was moved to the disabled folder due to incompatibility (I didn't type up the full dialog box text when I saw it).

    I hope HexEditor wasn't abandoned… it really IS a great plugin for such a great Windows Notepad replacement!

    Running Windows XP Professional (but I doubt that will mean anything).

  • Norbert

    I hope too that HexEditor continue to be maintained but I have some doubts.

    User interface and features make it a really great tool and I would just love to use it. There is one HUGE problem: it does not display binary files correctly (as a hex editor should - that is what is it used for). See "NPP v5.4.5 and HEX-Editor (both versions) - ID: 2823651":

    As this problem seems to be related to NP++ itself rather than to the plugin and renders HexEditor pretty much useless, Jens might have thus abandoned the project.