New: Lazarus plugin template

  • Ludo Brands and I ported the Delphi plugin template to the Lazarus IDE. This should allow Lazarus users to write plugins for both Ansi and Unicode versions.

    Initial release. First testing looks good; if I get good feedback I will submit the code to this project for inclusion.

    Meanwhile, you can find it at:
    and the release announcement on the Lazarus forum here:,17893.0.html

    Comments/patches very welcome.

  • p. garcía
    p. garcía

    hi, i'm using your template, it works fine but i can't use tpopupmenus on the forms, the events attacheds to the popupitem are executed but the popup don't show, any help?

  • @p. garcia, sorry just saw your post. No idea, haven't looked at the plugin lately. Do you have some example code somewhere?

    @Admins: could you please include the plugin template in the repository? Thanks.