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Problem while building notepad2 using vs2008

  • marcus

    d:\code\notepad2\source\dialogs.cpp(1206) : error C2065: 'LPSHELLICON' : undeclared identifier

    Does somebody else meet the same problem? I have search google about 'LPSHELLICON', but still do not know how to deal with it. I do not know which additional libary I need to add to.

    • I got the same problem as you,

      might be will could skip this error by adding

      typedef IShellIcon *LPSHELLICON;

      I am using MS VC++ 2008 Express edition.

      Did anyone sucessfully build the notepad2 ?

    • Problem solved, follow the above web site, modify a few file, I sucessfully compile notepad2 with MS VC++ 2008 Express edition.
      Although it was somehow bigger in size than the offical release,but it did function well.

  • It appears LPSHELLICON definition has either been removed or moved out of shlobj.h. I got around the issue by defining it in one of the header files like this:

    typedef IShellIcon *LPSHELLICON;

    You may want to try this.


  • Oh, nevermind. The above respones was not showing up until I submitted my above response. You may want to consult the other responses first.

    - Mando.SM.