#89 How to remove LF in line?


Please help to remove black lf symbol from notepad line.


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    Last edit: Anonymous 2014-08-17
  • Philippe Verdy
    Philippe Verdy

    You can't for now if you use regular expressions. But the other search/replace options will work to replace newlines that you have selected in the text editor before pressing CTRL+F.


    Warning ! Notepad++ will likely hang completely if you attempt to replace all newlines in a large file with an operation like "Replace all".

    Unfortunately, this may happen inadvertantly, due to an unfortunate selection with a TAB keystroke reaching that button.

    Notepad should really implement a timer control that allows the user to interrupt an ongoing search/replace operation that takes too long. And at least a dialog appearing automatically after a reasonnable max number of replacements have been performed, so that we can reply "Stop and revert", or "Continue".

    Because this has already caused me too lose all edits performed during hours (but that could not be saved in an intermediate state).

    If a search/Replace operation (or any other operation) takes to long, Notepad should automatically start creating an autosaved file, that can be recovered when we kill Notepad++ and relaunch it.

    Some editors perform an autosave constantly in the background, even after each edit: they save all individual operations performed in a log format, so that they can be replayed.

    Note: The autosaved file is different from a backup file which may take time to create on disk, so that it would hurt the reponsiveness when typing. We really need a dynamic autosave. Backups will still be needed and created only when pressing CTRL+S to save and replace an original file.