#375 Scrap Paper Notes Feature

Yuri Kovzel

Feature allowing users to create transient notes. Transient note is nothing but a new file except that it will not ask user to save it on attempt to close it. Note can be save in any time by conventional means. New transient note can be created using 'Ctrl+Alt+N' shortcut or by right button double click in tabs area. To distinguish note from regular file 'sticky note' icon is used instead of red/blue diskette.

The reason for this feature is that Notepad++ is used as an intermediate point between two destinations. Notepad++ is a place where users can format the bunch text to improve its readability, use search, extract useful part of it and move on.

As a developer I frequently use Notepad++ to split stack traces into lines or create a comma separated list of ids for SQL's IN operator etc. At the end of the day I end up with 30-50 tabs and forced to hit 'No' for each 'dirty' tab. I'm not ready for the loads like this at the end of the day and I leave PC turned on, increasing the world carbon dioxide emissions. Besides, I think that users consider saving their work by closing the editor or tab is way too risky and uncomfortable. Users prefers Save command to save and Close to close.

For this reason I think that it is reasonable to separate regular document from ones not intended to be saved in advance (as Jef Raskin would say: "while the action is in the user's locus of attention").

Notes are not presented in menus and toolbars because I'm not that it worth to clutter the UI with it. The only place it could be discovered by the user is the Shortcuts mapper. In any case I'm open to discussion and suggestions.


  • Yuri Kovzel
    Yuri Kovzel

    patch + icon + decription