#118 I updated the two optional styler.xml files

Nissim Salinas

Npp has two optional styler.xml files, one "ruby_blue" and the other "vibrant ink". I saw that these files were missing some stuff, so I compared both files to the Npp 5.2 styler.xml file, made some modifications and I'm attaching both.

Please note:

1. For "ruby_blue" I just added the stuff from the default style which was missing in it. There were some entries in ruby_blue that did not exist in the original, but I left that untouched.

2. For "vibrant ink" I added a few things that were missing. I added comments where I made modifications: just look for this string: "@@@" (without the double quotes). I believe all in all I made 3 changes to this file.

I hope you have a way of testing/approving these files and publishing them on your site.

I also wish there was an easier way to change styles other than replacing a file manually. One day, when you have time, and all problems have been fixed :-) you may consider having a "style selector" drop-down list somewhere in the Npp configuration dialogs.

Thank you so much for Npp, and many thanks to the two people who created these two styles. I hope my humble effort will be approved and published.

Best Regards,


  • Nissim Salinas
    Nissim Salinas

    updated ruby_blue and vibrant ink files