Notepad++ v3.1 released

Notepad++ is a source editor written in C++ with the win32 API (without MFC strictly). The aim of Notepad++ is to offer a small and efficient binary with a totally customizable GUI.

Main added features in this release is Find in Files and Plugins.

v3.1 new features and corrected bugs (from v3.0) :

1. Add Plugin capacity : an extension which inserts file path, date & time and closing xml/html tag comes with this release
2. Add Find In Files feature.
3. Set Current Working Directory according the current editing file.
4. Make visible the saved macros and user commands on the menu.
5. Fix some fonts non displayed in combobox bug.
6. Add bi-directional text editing feature (Ctrl+Alt+L for LTR ; Ctrl+Alt+R for RTL).
7. Add UI RTL (Right To Left) ability : You should update your arabic.xml, hebrew.xml or farsi.xml in order to exploit this feature.
8. Fix the saving problem for the files with hidden attribute.
9. Fix CSS pseudoclass keywords bug.
10. Add header and footer for printing.
11. Fix the bug that view changes while switch back the previous document (as "wrap text" feature is enable)
12. Multiple extensions for the same User Defined Language is allowed.
13. Fix the bug that notepad++ open a file twice because of sensitive case distinction for the file path.

Please go to :
for the further information.


Posted by Don HO 2005-07-15