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Notepad++ new release - v3.0

Notepad++ is a source editor written in C++ with the win32 API (without MFC strictly). The aim of Notepad++ is to offer a small and efficient binary with a totally customizable GUI.

The major added features in v3.0 are macro enhancement, user command enhancement and shortcut management.
Macro enhancement allows user to save the recorded macros for the next use, and to assign the shortcut keys to saved macros.
User command enhancement allows to save the commands (ex : to call an external program), and also to assign the shortcut keys to saved commands.
Furthermore, 3 enviroment variables (FULL_CURRENT_PATH, CURRENT_DIRECTORY and FILE_NAME) are inserted
in order that the file full path name can be passed as argument to external program, such as a compiler or a browser.
Here's an example :
firefox "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"

Via the shortcut management, user can remap all the shortcuts or delete the macro and user command shortcuts.

Please go to :
for the further information.


Posted by Don HO 2005-06-06