Notepad++ v2.1 released

Notepad++ is a Scintilla based source editor (c, c++, java, HTML, XML, php, asp, javascript, rc file, MS ini file, makefile, VB, VBS, SQL, Objective-C, Perl, Python, CSS and Pascal) written in C++ with the win32 API (without MFC strictly).

The aim of Notepad++ is to offer the programmer a totally customisable GUI with small and efficient binary.

The major change for this release is the look of Notepad++ :
Due to a lot of requests about changing to look,
I made the standard look (ie. toolbar icons and caret cursor) available.

v2.1 new features and corrected bugs (from v2.0) :

1. Support le language Batch (*.bat, *.cmd & *.nt).
2. Add the ugly standard icons for the toolbar.
3. Make Tabbar height configurable (Normal <-> Reduce)
4. Change the caret to the ordinary one.
5. Add Toggle fold all feature.
6. Fix the current line highlighting toggle display bug

Please go to :
for the further information.

Don HO

Posted by Don HO 2004-05-08