Would be awesome if we could select text then continue that selection by holding down "ctrl" to other areas of our files then once we began to type each selection will update with what we type.

For example if we wanted to add a few classes to certain inputs we could select " " the space between the <input and the name or w/e: <input name="input1" /> then when we type, all the inputs with the multiple selection I could type in: " class='input_class_name' " with no double quotes and both inputs would be edited in real type without having to do it multiple times.

Would be awesome as well to do the same thing, but with deleting data.  Say you got few input fields you want to delete.  Select all the ones you want to delete then press the delete key once and it'll delete all selections.

I personally think just that feature would make developing with notepad++ faster then it already is.  I would make a plugin, but I don't know how :(

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