Welcome to the Notepad++ mailing list !
It's the first news diffusion for this mailing list.
Notepad++ v1.6 binary is justed released, here're the v1.6 new features and fixed bugs (from v1.5) :
1. Support now the hot key Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab to switch to the next / previous document.
2. Current Line Highlighting is added (to enable/disable : Menu View -> Current Line Highlighting).
3. Recent File History is now enhanced (eliminate non-available file path before loading Recent File History).
4. go to line # Dialog Box is added (access to it by Ctrl+G or Menu Search->Go to line...)
5. Status Bar is enhanced :
    a. display the current position Ln & Col of caret - double click on this zone will launch "go to line # Dialog Box"
    b. display the insertion mode INS|OVR -  simple click on this zone will switch the alternative insertion mode (The same effect of key stroke Insert)
6. Fixed bug : The focus wasn't restored after switching back to Notepad++.


Don HO
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