#492 Manage saved macros

Interface (782)
David M. Miller

Shouldn't there be a dialog box for selecting saved
macros to Delete and/or Edit?

Several times now I have accidentally ended the
recording of a macro too soon or added too many
keystrokes and wanted to delete it and start over.

I realize that now one can edit the shortcuts.xml file,
but then has to quit and restart the editor for them to
show up in the menu. But this is impractical if many
files are open at the same time.

At the very least add a menu item to automatically open
this file for editing and code to reread it if it is
changed on disk.

Also, when saving a macro couldn't the existing macros'
names be made available in a drop-down combo box? This
would make it possible to overwrite a badly recorded
one with a better version.