#2491 Notepad++ for other platforms


Hello Notepad ++ team!

If possible, I wish it had the Notepad ++ for Linux (the system I use) and also for Mac OS X. It would be great to have Notepad ++ running natively on all systems =)



  • REALDrummer

    On Windows, this program is known as the "programmer's notepad". Linux is widely used in the professional world and by computer experts. Consider the market for Notepad++ in a market largely populated by programmers.

    If a Linux version of Notepad++ was made, I think that it would become popular in the Linux community very quickly.

    In fact, a Reddit post on /r/linux has already suggested this very thing and has attempted to bring attention to the fact that Notepad++ has no Linux version.

    • I love the idea, and I use Np++ on Linux under Wine cuz every other editor can't match it, but I know we're asking for impossible from a very Micro$oft fan.

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      • REALDrummer

        You may be right. Maybe it won't get anywhere, but it can't hurt to try. Notepad++ is a very good editor.

        I used to use it when I had Windows, but since I switched to Linux, I've been using Gedit. Gedit is great, but I really miss some of Notepad++'s features, especially the ability to collapse blocks.

        • I never liked Gedit, so glad someone does [and you're likely not the only one] cuz I always replace with Np++.

          The trick here is Np++ uses Window$-provided controls, so a system that provides the necessary controls will make cross-platform not so difficult. Of course, coding the controls from the start by yourself is fastest performance-wise, but the hardest job, and probly best cross-platform-wise.

  • REALDrummer

    I realize that this has been mentioned by this ticket concerning Linux versions of Notepad++, but this porting software really sounds promising. From the look of it, it can directly translate Assembly code from Windows's Intel-syntax into Linux's AT&T-syntax. I suspect that Notepad++ would still need to be modified a bit to be Linux-compatible; I am not trying to draw any illusions that making a Linux version would be as easy as running this software over it. Still, I think that it could be useful.

    • Excellent news.