#2484 Function Parameter Hints disappear easily

Olli Matrix

I love the parameter hints with the auto completion feature. Use it especially now that I figured out how to teach Notepad++ my OWN functions from my own library/framework.

However I noticed that the little message (the hint), that tells you what the return value and the parameters are, disappears very easily. On backspace for example. So whenever I make a typo, the parameter hint disappears... Even if I wasn't done yet.

Best way to solve it would probably to make a custom setting that says "only hide parameter hints when X is pressed" and then the user can specify their own button. Several could make sense: [;] or [enter] or [)] or [arrow down].

otherwise maybe make it so that it at least doesn't disappear on backspace?

or allow to specify a button, or a right click context menu, that shows the parameter hints on request rather than only on input?

Either of those implementations would make Notepad++ rock even more!!



  • Olli Matrix
    Olli Matrix

    I guess another idea how to do it would be a setting "display hints until hidden" and each hint gets a little X button to close it manually with the mouse? Might be kind of cumbersome though... Key or Key combination to close it might be better.