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#2334 Better folder browser dialog

Michael Norton

Recently I had to use the Find with Files feature, and I was annoyed to see that I had to once again deal with Windows' horrible "Browse for Folder" dialog. This dialog is a terrible pain to use. First of all, there's nowhere to type a path. (Yes, I know there's a place to type a path in the Find with Files dialog, but that doesn't help if you don't know the full path.) Second, there's such a tiny area to select a folder. In the regular Open dialog, there's room for 30 items to be shown at once, and that's in icon view. In the Browse for Folder dialog, there's only room for 11 items to be shown, and those items aren't all in the folder you're looking in until you scroll. The window isn't even resizable! Lastly, all of the shortcuts and favorites you have set? Totally useless in this window. So your only choices are to type the ENTIRE path from memory without any autocomplete (well unless you can paste it in from somewhere) or to deal with this terrible interface.

Now I understand this isn't the fault of Notepad++. This is just a bad design decision by Microsoft to not update a feature that's been unchanged since Windows 95. But that doesn't mean Notepad++ actually has to use that dialog.