#2320 Goto Line number and then Column Number in GOTO(Ctrl+G) GUI

GOTO (1)

Hi Forum,

I am new to this forum and working with notepad++ for some weeks,

I have used ultraedit before coming to np++, in ultraedit we have a function Ctrl+G, Go to Linenumber, in which if we give 12/5, the cursor will go to the 12 th linenumber and 5 th column number, likewise in np++, we have that option in command line switch ("-n10" "-c5"), but why we don't have that option in our np++ Go to Line GUI, please help me in this, i have been trying this for weeks,

And also, Is this below mentioned request is a bug??

I created a VB.net program in which i called notepad++ inside a panel using process.start(),

The problem i am facing here is, the file which i opened in notepad++ inside VB panel is not reloading, if the same file was accessed and edited by any other editor, but the same reloading option works fine in notepad++, if not called inside VB.bet, Is this a Bug ??, please advice me,

I tried all (Settings->Preferences->Misc.->File Status Auto Detection->Enable|Update Silently), but nothing works if notepad++ called inside my VB.net Form,

Thanks in Advance

Sathish V.