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#2259 Improve Document List Panel (Doc Switcher)

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Nuno Peralta

I think Document List Panel (Doc Switcher) could be improved with just a few very easy options.

1) Sometimes, when I try to open the first file in the list, I mistakenly click in the column names of the Doc Switcher, making it to sort by Name (or by Ext.). That sucks, because I can't revert it to the Order Sort again.
My suggestion is either you add a 3rd column "Order" (1, 2, 3...) or add it to right-click context menu in the column names.

2) Since you moved the file extension to another column, I never liked it. it makes it pretty hard to distinguish files sometimes, if the "Name" column is very expanded. I have a lot of files with the same name, but extension is different (file1.php, file1.css, file1.js), and that would be very convenient if the extension appeared also in the "Name" column.

3) That would be good if we could hide some columns like "Ext." (once extensions can be seen in the "Name" column), or simply have the old version of Doc Switcher as an option.

4) It would be convenient if we could drag the files to sort as we want, just like the horizontal tabs on the top. If this was possible, I would simply hide the tabs on top. That would save a bit of vertical space in my laptop screen.

Thank you!

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  • Ranny

    I believe #3 is now implemented. But #4 is mostly wanted by me.

  • Lawrence

    #4 is very much desired by me as well. I imagine there are many others that feel the same way.

    Honestly, the impression that I get of the "doc switcher" is that it's not considered a first class citizen (feature) of Notepad++:
    1. It's not enabled by default.
    2. The implementation of the "ext" column has been a sore spot for many users for quite a few years (and only recently remedied, as the OP noted).
    3. There is not a way to re-order your open documents, as you would your tabs (as the OP also noted).

    All of these features are fairly critical for managing multiple documents in Notepadd++, and this functionality already exists...but only if you use tabs (which I have turned off in favor of using the doc switcher). It would be great to get the doc switcher up to speed with the same features that tabs enjoy :)