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#2245 Different Footers for Odd and Even Pages


I was told to post this here.

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Idea #552: Booklet Format Page Numbers
When you print in booklet format, page numbers should appear on the outside corner of the page, so they're not hidden in the inside margin.

As it stands, however, Notepad++ has no option to make this possible. When you assign a page number to the footer, you have to choose either the right or left part, there's no way to make the right or left part dependent on whether the printed page will be odd or even.

Solution #1: Allow Different Footers for Odd and Even Pages edit
Written by wandersfar the 2 Jan 13 at 20:05.
If the Print dialog could be expanded to allow for one set of footers and headers for odd pages and another set for even pages, then page numbers could be assigned to the right part for odd pages and the left part for even pages, so page numbers will always appear on the outside corners when printing in booklet format.