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#1649 Load Session Command Line Option


There is the option to load sessions once the interface loads, but one would like the ability to integrate loading a session via the command line. This would help with batch files which one wants to have set to open multiple documents within NPP at the same time upon launch. Just a suggestion.


  • ivy carp
    ivy carp

    I want to second this request. Specifically, I'd like it to be possible to specify multiple session files in the command line and have each of them open a new instance (one instance per session). The 'Open Session' menu command, along with multi-instance mode, does exactly this, but, like the OP, I would very much like this functionality from the command line, since I develop by grouping files per instance.

    Last edit: ivy carp 2013-11-16
  • I also want to second this request. If one is working on different projects at the same time, he can have different NPP short-cuts on the desktop, each one starting an instance with the right set of files. When closing, the specific instance should write back the current set of files to the related session file.