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#1091 List of Lines Containing Find Strings


When you do a "Find" for a string in a file, especially log files, the option to list all the lines that contain that search string would be very helpful. I know that there's a "mark all" function, but it takes time to skip through the marks to get to the line you want to view.

If we could have a popup window with a list of all the lines that contain the search string, and by double-clicking the line to take us directly to that line in the file, that would be more convenient. This Option is available in UltraEdit which I find very useful.


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    One method I use in version 5.0.2 and know it was there in 4. something is I use mark all then I use "sedarch/copy bookmarked lines" and paste in a nother window.

    Its a temporary work around.

  • Michael

    I am a recent convert from UltraEdit.
    I have another use for this feature - I used a regular expression to find lines in a file and I wanted to keep those lines only so I used the feature in UltraEdit to list the lines containing the found expression and used the copy to clipboard feature to then copy them all to a new file.
    I was disappointed to have to revert to UltraEdit after finding so many great improvements in Notepad++.