#1087 New 'Volatile Findall' & Req for more search result windows


I recently implemented a volatile find all feature and companion Find/dialog find all in current file option that place the results in the find result dialog.

The motivation for this was that I needed a work around for the function list plugin as the language I wrote a lexer for is not supported (proprietary).

I would modify this plugin but no recent source is available.

It ended up being much more useful than ever imagined.

I would like introduce this feature to the developers for their own review and perhaps they might make it better as it may be a little of a hack.

The static dialog isCreated requirment for the the results dialog was a difficult thing to get around, and affects the find next feature as well. I hacked a work arround for this.

Now for the feature request. It would be quite nice to have multiple results windows with a tabbed interface to select between them. If one could eliminate the static dialog nature of this tool it would be relativly low effort to get this as everything else for it is dynamic (our have an arbitray # of dup result window dlg res's.) The name of the search would appear on the tab.

Extra 1: to use the syntax highlighting for the file type it searched, and apply the indicators to the found items, much like the recent highlight all feature uses. This is much cleaner in appearance.

Extra 2: Allow the window manager to dock and pack as many windows horizontal bottom as you desire and still be able to put them in/out of a tab. When two or more are docked/tabbed they would span horizontally where one can adjust the pane(s) divider.

I have already been toying with these features myself, but without intimate knowledge of how everything is/intended to be put together I'm afraid it would become a 'hack'.