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Stop complaining about this boycot

  • Squirel

    The reason is simple:
    - If someone boycotts the China, it is not against the Chinese people. The Chinese people don’t have to be ashamed of this boycott : only the government (that they didn’t really choose) are aimed
    - Even if you think that those people are wrong, they are fighting for things (your rights!) that for the moment Chinese people can not event imagine. It is psychologically normal for a person to go against criticisms on his moral: nobody can stand that.
    - If foreigner people don’t demonstrate for Tibet, who will?
    - Don’t worry for China: your country is strong enough and we really love China, its Arts (food, architecture, Martial Art…) its landscapes, its people… Come on, keep your zen attitude the World envies you and let it go !

    • deerchao

      They are not boycott China government, they are boycott Olympic 2008 which is a worldwide event that has nothing to do with politics and waited too long by us Chinese people. And the reason they're doing this because they think they know the truth told by their local media, and they think who don't agree with them are brainwashed, and he knows more about Tibet, about China than we who live in China, though they've never been to China, neither have they contact anyone came back from China personally.

      We are not against the notepad++, but against the irresponsible words and lies told by notepad++ administrators and their improper behaviors; we are not against the notepad++ developers and users, but against the prejudice from the some of the notepad++ administrators.

      In the end, we want the truth as you are. And as we have less press freedom than you, we have learnt not to believe ANY media, so before saying "brainwashed", try a second think.

      • Hey asshole,
        I give a damn on your fucking comments here, we all know very well what kind of politics in China happens. Nobody likes China, we hate it now, that's what has happen since the permanent suppression of Tibet. As long as people like you try to defend this nation of communists and propagandistic liars, we can't see a chance for a better relationship to the remaining world! What China does now, is a misuse of the Olympic movement for the biggest prison for journalists and cyber-dissidents. China ends up now as the nation of the evil.

        Long live the Dalai Lama!
        Freedom for Tibet!