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Ctrl-F4, Not Ctrl-W to close window

  • Ben Bradley
    Ben Bradley

    I was just about to do a feature request on this thing - the Ctrl-W thing bothers me, as the only other program I regularly use that uses Ctrl-W is the decade-old Cool Edit 2000 (later bought by Adobe and renamed Audition). Firefox uses Ctrl-F4 for close tab, and other programs (such as Programmers Notepad which I'm abandoning for Notepad++) use it likewise. But I just looked a little more and Gimp, which I rarely use, uses Ctrl-W.

    Are there different shortcut standards? Did things just change over the years and decades? Which ones came from where? Microsoft? X-Windows? Xerox Parc??? Okay, I googled and found this:
    Standards are wonderful - there's so many of them!

    It's so ingrained in me, I use the part of my palm where the pinkie connects to press the Ctrl and then my first finger to hit F4 on a Model M, and when it didn't work in Notepad++ I thought my keyboard might have broke. At least looking for other "close" feature requests I found the hotlinks editing feature and it was easy enough to change to Ctrl-F4.

    No real discussion needed (the problem is too big to be solved in this forum), and it has little to do with Notepad++ - I just had to rant.

  • I dont know about other programs, but in N++, go to Settings >> Shortcut Mapper and have at it..

  • JWolf42

    Firefox 5.0 still supports cntrl-W for closing a tab.