Welcome to the Great Firewall of China

  • Norio

    Apparently one can make something the truth just by saying it all the time.  George Orwell would certainly agree.  So also the Chinese government has convinced a large part of its populace that Mao did not starve 30 million people during the Great Leap Forward, that Tian'anmen Square was not the site of the massacre of unarmed students and civilians by the military, and that Tibet was always part of China.  We all know who was behind the attempt by hackers to access the GMail accounts of civil rights activists in China.  The government of China no longer cares who knows how fascist and repressive a regime they have, as long as the people of China don't know.

  • BoZ

    But Tibet is part of China, what you are afraid of is when Chine grows bigger, stronger, faster, you will be the dwarf barfing in the corner. Hence you start to interfere with what China do to pose your preserved limit, you are pathetic! manage your own goddam business before we crush you economically and militarily.

  • DriverOp

    Nice and fowerful and convincing argument, funkyrider: "shut up or I'll chrush you!"… somebody says "argumentum ad baculum"… no?…