Tab Contextual Menu Translation

  • MunteAlb

    Some of the commands from the tab contextual menu (right-click) appear in english. This is because there are some missing strings in the language file.

    The section from the language file that contains the tab contextual menu is named "TabBar" and it has some strings from that menu, but not all. The "TabBar" section posted below contains all the strings from the context menu in english. The missing strings  must be copied in the "TabBar" section of the NPP language file and translated.

      <Item order="0" name="Close" />
      <Item order="1" name="Close all but me" />
      <Item order="2" name="Save" />
      <Item order="3" name="Save as ..." />
      <Item order="10" name="Rename" />
      <Item order="11" name="Delete" />
      <Item order="4" name="Print" />
      <Item order="12" name="Read only" />
      <Item order="13" name="Clear read-only flag" />
      <Item order="7" name="Copy full path" />
      <Item order="8" name="Copy file name only" />
      <Item order="9" name="Copy directory path" />
      <Item order="5" name="Go to another view" />
      <Item order="6" name="Clone to another view" />
      <Item order="14" name="Go to new instance" />
      <Item order="15" name="Open in new instance" />

    Jan Schreiber (the german translator) discovered this trick by which the contextual menu is now fully translated.

    • Ices Eyes
      Ices Eyes

      Sorry, it was my fault, a mispelled tag in the translation file...! It works now! ;)

    • Ices Eyes
      Ices Eyes

      Are u able to make also the 14 and 15 work? Those 2 strings is not translated here, in italian...! All others works! :)

      • Jan Schreiber
        Jan Schreiber

        Yes, 14 and 15 work well here. Are you sure you are using it with N++ 5.1? In earlier versions, they won't work.