New version of SQL Formatter - 1.4.1

Tao Klerks
  • Tao Klerks
    Tao Klerks

    Dave Brotherstone, administrator of the Plugin Manager, reminded me I need to post an announcement here for new versions of the Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter to be accepted for general distribution, so here goes!

    The new version, downloadable at as usual, includes the following enhancements:

    • Support for DB2/SQLLite string concatenation operator

    • Correction to SQL 2012 add-in install folder

    • Fix to space-indent saving in formatting plugin options

    • Correct parsing & formatting of subqueries & function calls in variable initializers

    • Correct parsing & formatting of OPTION clauses

    • Correct parsing & formatting of OUTPUT specifiers on proc arguments defined without parens

    As always, source code is on github:

    Please contact me with any questions / concerns!

    Tao Klerks