New-ish Plugin: VisualStudioLineCopy

  • I've created a plugin to mimic's Visual Studio Copy/Cut line behavior, inspired by the StackOverflow question on how to get this behavior. The project can be found at

    I say new-ish, because I actually created it in .NET a while ago, but I finally ported it to C++, moved it to bitbucket, and provided both Unicode and Ansi assemblies.

    If you don't use Visual Studio, what it basically does is:

    • When copy, if no selection is present, it copies the entire line
    • When cutting, if no selection is present, it cuts the entire line
    • When pasting, if you paste an entire line (that was copied/cut using the above) and there is nothing currently selected, then it pastes the line above the current line, not on the current line.

    It's a pretty easy plugin, but very nice to have when coming from Visual Studio.

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    Hi Mackenzie,

    Have a look to my post, at the address below :

    Your plugin has a single feature only, but that feature works perfectly well :-)

    So, many thanks for that tiny but very useful plugin !

    Best Regards,


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