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  • I have searched this forum for spell checking plugins and came across one that tateu was working on, but i don't know if there have been any updates, or if someone else has been working on one. Could anyone who has any info either post a plugin to use for spell checking or a website where i can get a plugin (preferably the plugin and not source)? Thanks

    • I have tried to make a spell checker for NPP using aspell, it is not perfect but already works quite well... For now, it only works in french so if you are interested, I can make it work in english and send it to you.

      • Ryan McCue
        Ryan McCue

        I'll take it!

      • anybody good at c?
        someone could make a plugin based on spell checker.


        there is a windows port.

        if no on is interested, I will do it. Although C programming is not my specialty.


        • S Warren
          S Warren

          I'm actually looking into writting a spell check system that spell checks source code (variable names, function names, etc...) as well as written text.  The problem is that I don't think that aspell will do that.  I was going to start serious work on it after Christmas.  Is there anyone else that would be interested in something like this?  theMouse, if you want some help I would be happy to work with you. 

          Scott Warren
          warren5236 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

    • This might not be what you are looking for but I like it.


      It's freeware for personal use.

    • Jordan

      I would be interested in the english spell check as well.

    • Dinomight

      I'd love to have an english spellcheck too (i'd even help out coding if needed). But if your using aspell it should be easy enough to just enable the use of multiple dictionaries.