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New plugin: ScrollPastEOF v.1.0

  • There was a request to make Notepad++ allow scrolling past the end of file ( http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=2084258&forum_id=331753 ). Since I already have been enjoying this feature for some time, I decided to make it available as a plugin for everyone else out theкe. The thing is that Scintilla supports this feature out of the box, but Notepad currently does not provide a GUI interface to enable it. Even if Notepad would support it at a later time, the plugin would still be useful for those who use an older version.

    The download link will be available in a few minutes.

    • For those of you looking for a unicode version of ScrollPastEOF, I compiled one and it is available here:


      You only need the .dll file. Copy it into your plugins folder and you're good to go.

      • koyama

        Thank you very much, devhen, for your help with this.

        Just downloaded and installed ScrollPastEOF by devhen and it worked fine with Notepad++ 5.4.2 Unicode.

        I see Chinese characters in the "Plugins" menu like alexiljin was talking about, but I can easily live with that until a new release.

    • Mark Baines
      Mark Baines

      I like this but not a whole window full! ;-)
      I've been using it but found it very annoying that if I scroll down quickly or page down I end up with the last line at the top of the window and blank below. If that last line is, itself, blank, I get an empty screen! As a consequence I can't see what I've just written.

      This plug-in would be more useful if it just gave me 5-10 lines extra. Is that possible, can it be user-configured?


      Mark B

      • Sorry, no more options available from Scintilla, it's either extra full page or nothing.

        You can always scroll back a little to see the last few lines, e.g. using Ctrl+Up.

        >if I scroll down quickly...
        Try to control yourself ; )

    • Mark Baines
      Mark Baines

      OK, thanks Alexander.

      Mark B

    • koyama

      How on earth did I miss this ScrollPastEOF plug-in? Coming from Ultra-Edit, I have missed such functionality in Notepad++ for more than a year.

      Now I just tried to install it, but when I start Notepad++ I get this pop-up message:

      The ANSI plugin is not compatible with your Unicode Notepad++.
      This plugin is not compatible with current version of Notepad++.
      Do you want to remove this plugin from plugins directory to prevent this message from the next launch time?


      Does anyone have a solution to this?

      I am using Notepad++ 5.4.2 (UNICODE)

      • I guess it's time to make a unicode build... I'll try to find time for it on the next week.

        In the meantime you can add the following procedure to the source (ScrollPastEOF.ob2):

        PROCEDURE ['C'] isUnicode* (): BOOLEAN;
        (** Notepad++ asks if the plugin is ANSI or Unicode. *)
           RETURN TRUE
        END isUnicode;

        ... and recompile the plugin. You'll need to install the freeware compiler: http://www.excelsior-usa.com/xdsx86win.html (6.6 Mb to download, 17 Mb installed), and then run the included "compile.bat".

        • koyama

          Thank you once again for your prompt reply and instructions. You are really my hero these days.

          After more than a year I think I can easily wait for the new release, my neck is anyway broken already from constantly looking down towards the bottom of the screen for editing the last line :)

      • You know what, there may still be problems with the menu text, since those strings are required to become 2 bytes per character instead of 1 byte. If it won't crash on startup, then use it, otherwise just wait for the next release.

  • Doryforos


    I have filed a Notepad++ v6.1.3 bug, as follows:

    npp v6.1.3 Badly breaks Scroll Past EOF Functionality

    In short: Notepad++ hangs, and needs to be restarted, when your plugin is installed and a UTF-8 file (.txt or otherwise) is open, as soon as the EOF is passed by even one line.

    The bug is also there in v6.1.4, and, since nobody has done anything about it yet, I thought I might let you know, in case your plugin needs to be updated, rather than Notepad++.

    Kindly, comment.

    Also, is there a way for the user to turn this Scintilla feature on or off, without your plugin, and, as it currently is, without a GUI interface?

  • Thanks for the heads-up.

    What ScrollPastEOF plugin does is simply calls SCI_GETENDATLASTLINE function passing it a TRUE value. You can see that this is nothing unusual, and it worked for years (since November 2008 at least, when I created the plugin). The Scintilla documentation didn't remove, change or deprecate this functionality: http://www.scintilla.org/ScintillaDoc.html#SCI_GETENDATLASTLINE ).

    So my conclusion is either the Scintilla component is broken, which is quite unlikely, or the Notepad++ is broken due to some fancy scrollbar handling or some such.

    To test it the problem lies with Scintilla, try and replace SciLexer.dll with an older version. If the problem persists, you can be sure Notepad++ is at the bottom of this. If not, it can be either Scintilla or a particular combination of Scintilla and Notepad++ versions.

    I myself have nothing to do with Notepad++ codebase and am in no position to investigate this any further.

    AFAIK, one can control Scintilla component via various scripting plugins, like NppPython, but I've never done it myself.

  • Sorry, I meant the plugin passes FALSE (not TRUE) to the SCI_SETENDATLASTLINE function (not GET).
    : ))

  • Doryforos


    Thanks for replying.

    I did as instructed: replaced SciLexer.dll with the one that comes with the last
    - to the best of my knowledge - version of Notepad++ that works well with your
    plugin, v5.9.8; funny thing is, while the DLLs are of different sizes (and dates),
    they both report as being v2.27! They are as follows:

    Npp v5.9.8:

    2011/07/19  00:31      634.880    SciLexer.dll [v2.27]

    Npp v6.1.4:

    2012/04/24  01:41      876.544    SciLexer.dll [v2.27]

    The problem persists; I also investigated a bit further: downloaded Npp v5.9.2,
    which came with SciLexer.dll v2.25, substituted this for the 2nd above (which
    originally comes with Npp v6.1.4), details as follows:

    2011/05/30  01:30      622.592    SciLexer.dll [v2.25]

    The problem still persists. I believe this to be enough to rule out a Scintilla

    I shall update my bug report, then!

    Thanks again!


  • Anonymous

    it seems that "Scroll pass EOF" is conflict with "Clickable link Setting" (in Setting - Misc).

    after i turn it off, everything is ok.

  • lyricconch, what Notepad++ version you are talking about?


  • Anonymous

    6.16, lastest。


  • Anonymous

    Settings - Preference… - Misc. - Clickable link settings - uncheck “Enable”