SaveAsAdmin plugin

  • Hi!
    Just want to share my plugin with you!
    I developed it for myself, but i think that solved common trouble.

    This plugin allows you to save any file as administrator.
    Just press "Save" in Notepad++ and if you are not allowed to change this file as user, Notepad++ will save it as administrator.

    Windows 7 is supported.
    Should work on Windows Vista
    Support for windows XP is plunning
    Sorry, i don't know minimal version of Notepad++, but my version is 5.9.8.

    Find it there:
    Plugin may be unstable now, but i hope you will enjoy it.
    Please, tell me if you find any troubles.

  • Shaleen Mishra
    Shaleen Mishra

    Superb !  Have been wondering for some time now, if something like this is possible. Thanks for sharing.
    Works for me on Win7.

  • Just tested on Notepad++ 6.1.8: works well.
    Please, let me know if you find any problem.


    This is much better than trying to run NPP as Administrator (and running into other problems)!
    Tested on NPP 6.2 (10 Oct 2012)


  • Anonymous

    Divine plugin!

    Tested succesfully on Windows 8 + npp 6.2

  • Thank you for replay about Windows 8.
    Now it works on Windows XP as well.

  • hugh

    This is fantastic. Great work. Works perfectly on Windows 8 btw.

  • Merijn Bosma
    Merijn Bosma

    Hi, just found this plugin and it works great. Any chance you can expand it to "save as" as well?

    • It really doesn't work for this option?
      Will see what i can do, of course

      • Merijn Bosma
        Merijn Bosma

        I'll retry, but I'm quite sure that it doesn't. First time I tried the plugin I didn't get it working, then I realized I did save as and not save. While on the subject, would it be possible to include read only files as well?

        Thanks for the effort!

        • It's much harder to process "Save as..." in Notepad++, because Notepad++ uses external dialog which checks possibility to create file in target directory...
          I'm thinking to talk With Don Ho about including this functionality right in Notepad++.

          • Star Wars
            Star Wars

            Yes, it will be very nice if it also works for "Save As".