Compare plugin blanks the screen, disables mouse and keyboard


  • 2014-02-09


    I just updated to the latest Notepad++ and for the first time enabled the compare plugin from the list of plugins shown on the Notepad++ desktop.

    My computer screen went black the first time I tried using Compare, and I lost all input capability; no keyboard, no mouse.

    Hitting the power button to restart the computer, the Notepad++ screen showed again, with both files, and I cancelled out of the restart.

    Attempting to scroll on the second file immediately blacked out the screen again, and I had to hard-restart.

    I don't understand what this is about; the plugin was selected and installed from inside Notepad++ itself, from the list, so I assumed it was a working plugin and would be safe to use.

    Rather than generate a long expletive acronym about this, I figured to just ask here at the plugin forum what the "heck" is up with this computer-disabling "compare" "plugin."

    Anyone have a clue?