Function list

  • How do you use the function list?
    I am really understanding it.

    • Fl - simply Indexer for you function, fast moved on double-click. ;)

    • MJG

      It only works for certain languages.  It will say something like "Not supported" otherwise.

    • It doesn't work for any languages.  =(
      It just says language not supported or feature not supported.
      Did I get a bad version?

      • MJG

        You didn't mention what version of Notepad++ or what version of the Function List plugin you are trying to use.

        You mean if you load a supported file (e.g., "something.cpp" for C++) and it has functions in it, they still don't appear in the function list? Or if you have a text file that has C++ functions in it, and you select "C++" from the Languages menu, the function list is still not updated? (You might need to put the cursor in the edit pane.)

        If so, yeah, it sounds like something is wrong.  --Joel

        • Function list plugin is taken out from V4.7. Why? It is very useful!! How can I make it back?

    • It seems the Funtion list plugin has problems when I install it into NPP++ v4.7. The methods of a class cannot be parsed out correctly. Only the INCLUDE is parsed out:( really bad!!!

    • Yeah Same Problem here. The FL is one of the best features but it actually doesn't work -.-

    • Don R
      Don R

      Very few text editors have a function list feature. One reason I use Notepad++ is (was?) because I could see a list of functions while editing a large pascal file. There is a FunctionListRules.xml file in the Config folder but the function list plugin shows an empty window no matter what language (C++, Pascal, etc.) is displayed.

    • Currently FunctionList 2.0 is an ALPHA version. If there are problems with it, please downgrade to version 1.2.
      If FunctionListRules.XML exist and no files are shown you have an install problem. Please read the readme carefully!


      • After an upgrade to NPP 4.7 I missed the FunctionList Plugin and reinstalled version 1.2.
        Now the the defined functions are shown again, but the definions in the "User defined"-dialog disappeared, and I can't find the FunctionListRules.XML where I defined the rules.
        What's going wrong, where are my definitions?


        • Boskop

          >After an upgrade to NPP 4.7 I missed the FunctionList Plugin and reinstalled version 1.2.
          >Now the the defined functions are shown again, but the definions in the "User defined"-dialog disappeared.
          I can confirm this. After updating to 4.7.5, reinstalling function list 1.2 and copying the insertExt.ini all functions in user defined languages er listed the same way as before. When opening the "user rules" window I get a dropdown list with "user defined language" on top and 3 blank lines (I have 3 user defined languages).

          • Hello Jens,

            I'm having the same problem with Function List in both version 1.2 and 2.0a. With older version of Notepad++ when you defined a user language you had the language name appear in User Rules and the rules created actually worked with the proper user language. However with 4.7.5 (maybe earlier, I don't know), even if you have user languages defined you simply get a single "User Language" definition in User Rules while the name of the User Languages created no longer appear (only blank lines). Also, rules previously written still work, but you can't see them anymore, nor you can edit or add new even by selecting one of the blank lines that show up under the general "User Language". Blank lines match the number or user languages defined in my system.

            Thanks, and best regards.

            • Confirm the behaviour. I think it is regarding the new plugin implementation for extern lexer support. I will have a look on it and will publish a new version of FunctionList 2.0 as fast as I can.

              Best Regards

        • I don't know. Maybe Don deleted them with installer? Don, did you do something like this? Anyhow, the XML file don't exist in 1.2. Your rules are stored in .ini file.

          Best Regards

          • I found the .ini and the definitions are still there and working fine, but they are not shown in the "Function List Parsing Rules"-dialog. Only "User Defined" and some empty lines are shown in the drop-down list for selecting a language. So if I want to change a definition, I have to edit the .ini manually.


          • Don HO
            Don HO

            Yes. Function list is removed from Notepad++ release in v4.7 and upper versions due to its instability.

            I sent you 3 mails about this issue but I've never got any reply from you regarding it.


    • Im using version 4.7.3 and I took FunctionList 1.2 as the plugin. (2.alpha didn't work)

      So try 1.2, that works!

    • Just so that you know, I have v2.0a running custom regex parsing on my user defined language with npp 4.7.3.

      Things are working great for me on my system.

      I can email my .xml config file, Jens, if that would be of benefit to you, to see why it is working on my system, but others are having issues with 4.7.x and v2.0a...

      -t (Tod Wulff)

    • Don R
      Don R

      I went back to version 1.2 and it works great.

    • Sorry, but on my side it works also great. I can not reproduce this issue. BTW: Beta is in progress.

      Best Regards

    • I have the same promlem with Notepad++ + FunctionList 2.0 . I downgraded to FunctionList 1.2 and the issue was resolved.