ConvertExt (like-Aditor) plugin is available

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    The plugin is available in the download section.

    Main features:

    cp1251,cp866,koi8ru,iso,mac character encoding conversions

    win<->dos(oem) character encoding conversions

    (global features)

    1/ user symbol table support

    There are such strings in 'ConvertExt.ini' file:

    ;default symbols (english)
    ;alternative symbols 1 (F9)

    If 'ENG <-> ALT.1' option is active (F9 in notepad++ was pressed), then any pressed character  which could be found in SymbL0 or SymbH0 (in .ini-file) will be replaced by a character on the same position in SymbL1 or SymbH1. If a pressed character is not found in SymbL0 or SymbH0, but could be found in SymbL1 or SymbH1, it will be replaced by a corresponding character in SymbL0 or SymbH0.
    I use this feature as a switch between english and russian (F9) and between english and ukrainian (Alt+F9). I don't like to use system language switch (Alt+Shift or Ctrl+Shift), because I have to use these key combination twice every time (english->russian->ukraininan->english).
    With F9 and Alt+F9 internal swithes I can use russian or ukrainian characters even when there is no such language installed in Windows.

    2/ smart autobrackets

    Currently it means (), [], {} and "" before the following charactes:
    0x0D, 0x0A, 0x00, ' ', '\t', '.', ',', '!', '?', '/', ':', ';', '<', '>' or another bracket
    ("" after 0x0D, 0x0A, 0x00, ' ', '\t' only).

    3/ opening current file in external hex-editor

    The following string in the .ini file:


    specifies a relative path of external hex-editor (relative to notepad++.exe)

    You can also specify an absolute path, for example:

    HexEditor=C:\Program Files\WinHex\WinHex.exe


    Responses and suggestions are welcome :)