RE: Can we make DOCKABLE Window with Plug-in

Don HO
  • Don HO
    Don HO

    > Can we make DOCKABLE Window with Plug-in ?
    On the future version of Notepad++, yes.

    We are working on it for the next release (v4.0).
    Contact me at don_DOT_h_AT_free_DOT_fr if you want to the dockable demo and latest binary to develop and test your dockable plugin dialog.


    • yes i would like to try out the dockable demo. can you send me at [skumar_rao at]

      • can you upload it someware

        P.S. I have Visual Studio 2003 .NET, can you make a project for this envirement


    • Hello, Don

      Could you please send a dockable demo to
      Thanks a lot.

      Alexey Eliseev

    • Examples for dockable plugins see:

      Best Regards

    • ok
      i am doing somthing like this, and it doesn't allow for my dialog to be DOCKABLE, why ?

                  RECT rect;

                  rect.left = 20;
         = 20;
                  rect.right = 500;
                  rect.bottom = 500;

                  tTbData data;
                  data.hClient       = dialogHandle;
                  data.pszName       = " Console ";
                  data.dlgID         = 8;
                  data.uMask         = DWS_DF_CONT_RIGHT;
                  data.hIconTab      = NULL;
                  data.pszAddInfo    = NULL;
                  data.rcFloat       = rect;
                  data.iPrevCont     = DWS_DF_CONT_LEFT;
                  data.pszModuleName = "YASEplugin.dll";

                  SendMessage(nppData._nppHandle, WM_DMM_REGASDCKDLG, 0, (LPARAM)&data);
                  SendMessage(nppData._nppHandle, WM_MODELESSDIALOG, (WPARAM) MODELESSDIALOGADD, (LPARAM) dialogHandle);

    • Please have a look into the "Docking.h". Here you can see following comment for following paramteres of tTbData:

      // internal data, do not use !!!
      RECT    rcFloat;
      int    iPrevCont;
      const char*    pszModuleName;

      SO, DO NOT FILL OUT THE PARAMATERS!!! They will fill out and used only internal by Notepad++. If you want to predefine the rect size use the RESOURCE information in Visual Studio.

      BTW: Do not write " Console ". Use "Console"!

      Best Regards