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Clip collections

  • Very nice feature I'v been seen in EditPad Pro - clip collection. You can drag selection of edited file that you need often to clip collection and name that clip. Later, when you need that clip you will just drag it back. Very usefull and not hard to implement. Of course, every file tipe have separate clip collection, which is opened automatically when file type is detected.
    Can that be done to NotePad++? (Pleeeease)

    • Ok, now I understand. I am sorry. This is a plugin which is very usefull. And I wanted this to program  since a long time. But I am very busy at the moment regarding docking functionality. Additionally I done a new version of Hex Editor. And my next part is to program a new version of Explorer Plugin.

      Best Regards

    • In future there will be an update of explorer plugin with an session manager. This is what you are requested for.

      Best Regards

    • It's me again.
      Clip collection is collection of clipboards. You select some text and drag it to clip collection window. It will be saved automatically, and everytime you need that clip you can just drag it form clip collection list to text that you currently edit.