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  • Hi,

    Is it possible to have an option (or pluging) for an AutoCopy function when string is selected ?

    • I have added the middle click pasting into my MultiClipboard plugin http://peepor.net/loonchew/index.php?p=multiclipboard
      direct link: http://peepor.net/loonchew/programming/NppMultiClipboardPlugin_1.1.zip

      As for the auto copy feature, I've to think carefully about the implementation approach first. I suspect that if I implement it trivially, my multiple buffers will be filled with all the intermediate selection text.
      Eg, to copy the text "copy me", drag select over this text, and the buffer entries will contain:
          "c", "co", "cop", "copy", "copy ", "copy m", "copy me"
      This is clearly something undesirable!

      If someone has an idea, kindly please let me know :-)

    • eternalsword

      I would love this as well and middle click pasting too

      • steakhacher

        I agree It is a function that is often available on Linux, so it could be very good to integrate to notepad++ some interesting Linux function. This could be very useful