folding comment lines & operators

  • I set OCaml comment lines:

    opening operator: (*
    closing operator: *)
    color: green

    but cannot set folding comment lines. When I write this symbols as operators for folding, then comment lines do not set to green, but to their usual colors and formats.

    Another problem - it would be very useful if I could set operators like *. +. -. /. etc., 'cause in OCaml they are operators. But I didn't see such an option.

    OCaml isn't easy to set, cause it doesn't have opening and closing words for many lines that could be folded. I think some plugin would be useful for many users.

    Thanks for help.

    • If you would like to have OCaml I think you should write a new Lexer for Scintilla. So every program that uses scantilla supports it.

    • Most of my problems would be solved if there was a possibility to set the priorities of group of words - for example, I would like to have the word "end" as a word ending a folding section, but if I write "end)", the word "end" is not recognized by Notepad++. It would be if I set ")" as an operator, but I cannot, because "*)" is a word ending comment section.

      The same is with ";;", which ends folding section, but if I write i.e. "wynik;;", this again is not recognized - it would be if I wrote "wynik ;;", etc.

      I think this feature could be included, just setting priorities of group of words.